We’re celebrating Nelson Mandela’s Birthday this Thursday.

Join us as we celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela this Thursday at 1:30 PM. Our director, Dr. Johnetta Betsch Cole, will give her words in honor of the revolutionary politician who turns 95 this week. Maria Broom and Jali D have a special performance dedicated to Mr. Mandela that is followed by cupcakes and a tour of the museum’s South African collection. Join us!

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Looking forward to an uplifting week of musical performances

Recent news has been truly devastating for many of us in DC and across the nation. In my experience, music has the power to create a shared healing experience in times of trouble and tragedy. Please bring your family and friends to join us for music, storyelling, singing and dancing this week at the National Museum of African Art.

On Tuesday and Thursday at 2 pm, Maria Broom and Jali D will teach us life lessons using African fables, rapping, singing, and dancing.
Maria Broom and Jali D

On Wednesday at 1 pm, join us in welcoming the official chorus of the United States Air Force as they sing standards from the Negro Spiritual canon as well as classics from Northern and South Africa. I’m especially excited to hear their South African songs as the world will be celebrating Nelson Mandela’s birthday on Thursday.
Singing Sergeants

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Maria Broom and Jali D’s first performance at the Smithsonian!

It was really exciting welcoming Maria Broom and Jali D to the Smithsonian. They are truly devoted to making education entertaining. Maria Broom charmed adults and children alike with her fables using sign language, African words, and dance moves. Jali D’s raps invited everyone to join his rhythmic poetry. Babies danced, teenagers rapped, parents laughed and clapped. Maria Broom and Jali D will be here at the National Museum of African Art every Tuesday and Thursday in July! Come visit us!

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Singing Sergeants perform spirituals next week at the Smithsonian!

Singing Sergeants visit the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art next week. They  will be singing North and South African tunes and several American spirituals as well. Next Wednesday, July 17 at 1:00 PM in the pavilion!

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We had a blast with Fendika last week!

Not only is Fendika composed of some of Ethiopia’s most talented azmari musicians and dancers, but the group has also proved to be incredibly gifted at storytelling. They engaged the audience, both adults and children, with their vivid stories and abilities to make us all participate. We are especially proud that so many of the Ethiopian community came to visit us last week! If storytelling is important to you, than be sure to visit the National Museum of African Art any Tuesday or Thursday during July at 2 PM for performances by locals Maria Broom and Jali D

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Maria Broom and Jali D come to the Smithsonian!

Although nationally known as an actress for her recurring roles in HBO’s “The Wire” and “The Corner,” Maria is also a storyteller and dancer with more than forty years of performing and teaching in the USA and across the globe. David Foreman, also known as Jali-D, uses his djembe drum to teach and engage students about math, reading, the brain and more. Come to the pavilion at 2 PM any Tuesday and Thursday during the month of July to enjoy this engaging mix of music, drumming, and fun for all ages.

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Diaspora song of the Day (In honor of Experience DC Carnival 2013) Blaxx – Leh Go

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