Bongaman presents: Live Art Demonsration in the Courtyard!

Bongaman is a multimedia Cameroonian artist living and working in the Washington, DC area. His artwork depicts the inherent struggles and celebrations in human life through symbolism and metaphor, much like stories from an oral tradition. People and culture are at the center of his work, and his observations of the communities in which he spends time are wrapped into multilateral expressions that depict inquiry and possibility.

Bongaman’s passion for art began when he studied with local artists as a child and gravitated toward the creative possibilities in abstract art. He has exhibited his work at a variety of international cultural institutions in Cameroon’s capitol city of Yaoundé. Embassies and art schools awarded him prizes, such as “Best Artist” and “Most Creative Artist” in Cameroonian art competitions. Bongaman was also given the honor of displaying his work in the National Museum of Cameroon and opened an art gallery in Yaoundé where he sold his artwork to a range of international clients. After moving to the United States, Bongaman became a resident artist at Glen Echo Park from 2008-2010.

Oil paint and multimedia mixtures are the main materials used in Bongaman’s artwork. He is extremely resourceful and creative in his material use and in his understanding of contrast in the form of texture, shape, and color. His bold color choices are influenced by the vibrant culture from which he originates. Bongaman has a unique understanding of balance, layering of imagery, and exaggeration of forms that make his work intriguing.

There is always a story to be found within Bongaman’s paintings, and often many stories. Symbols layer throughout the design. The innovative use of lines and color in Bongaman’s work allow for concealed imagery to constantly unveil itself with additional viewing. His lines become faces and figures as they shape their paths across the canvas, and the paintings require the viewer to take time to navigate the multitude of hidden imagery that lies within the image. He encourages viewers to spend time with the work, and they are constantly unfolding the layers of meaning and making new connections to the stories within his paintings.

Join him in the courtyard all day on Saturday as he presents his live art demonstration.

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