Meet the Community: MC Raquel “Ra” Brown and Singing Sensation Jordan

Mother and daughter Raquel “Ra” Brown and Jordan are talented artist each in their own right.

Philadelphia born Raquel is well known for her work in the DC spoken word community. Host of the infamous Mangos at 14th and U St. (Now called Jin) for the better of a decade, Ra found performance and hosting opportunities across the country and abroad, performing on stages from the Kennedy Center for the Mayor’s Arts Awards, Lisner Auditorium, the famous Lincoln Theater, to the Black Cat and 9:30 Club. She has shared the stage with popular national and international stars and has produced shows: Da Verse City with the wonderful MN8 productions, captured a role in a play: “The History of Music,” as well as starred in a few independent films, one of which resulted in winning attention in both the Black Hollywood Film Festival as well as Black Women in Films, at Lincoln Center, NYC.

Mother to a 16-year-old superstar, Jordan, she continues to find ART in watching her daughter blossom and to hear Jordan share her beautiful voice with the world.

Jordan Jones…known as (just) JORDAN is a 16-year old singing sensation. A product of U Street’s Art and culture, as well as Duke Ellington School for the performing Arts in DC, she has been on the “scene” since she was a baby…traveling from show to show and open mic venues with her mother
Jordan has performed at NMAfA before, taking part in Shelly Bell’s Poetry Games. Give her a listen.

Preparing her voice and raw talent, she trains with the incomparable Maimouna Youssef, who took Jordan under herwing in September 2012. Jordan has recently acquired original songs from close friends and family who are phenomenal writers and is working on learning and recording original “cuts”. She is teaching herself to play the piano and has a knack and “ear” for keys and all around good music.
Jordan will be performing this Saturday from 3:30 to 4 in the Pavilion.

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